II.10. The cover foil

In all types of boxes, the bottom protective cover foil has been preserved as in hitherto existing stiff cigarette boxes. To open the front hinged lid and make use of the additional l storage space, the user is obliged to remove the bottom part of the cover foil completely. The advantage of the box with a lid and a flat glass resides in its functionality and the choice that the user has:  to remove the foil and access the additional storage space or to keep the foil untouched and use to box in the traditional way.  
In the boxes with a lid and a convex glass, the tearing line of the foil in the upper part of the box should run below the line of the upper convexity of the glass.  
The cover foil utilized in the production should provide for the convexity of the glass and thus the different geometry of the box.

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