II.4. A box with a lid, a small flat glass, matches and a commercial brochure – technical desc

The blank of the flaps is app. twice bigger than the previously produce standard stiff cigarette boxes and has been produced of the same paper type. 

The technical drawings disclose actual dimensions. The model samples have been based on these.

The innovative elements in the construction of the box, which are incorporated in the folding system of the out shell, are as follows:

- The box incorporates all features as presented in previously described models. 

- the cut-out for a PCV glass

the cut shape as in the described above model with a flat glass 

- a convex PCV glass, blister type

a PCV glass, blister type, of thickness between 0,25 to 0, 20 mm is durable and resilient enough to be fitted into the hinged lid. The cut-out is magnified by app. 3 to 4 mm on each side in proportion to the cut in the lid in order to be inserted or hot-welded. The depth of the convex is app. 2,8 mm with safe-edge structure both in the corners as well as on the edges of the convex. The safe-edge structure enable comfort of use and are pleasant in feeling.
Additionally, when deformed the glass regains its original shape without any harm done to its structure unlike with the fine-edged glasses.  For convenient insertion of the glass in the production process it is suitable to decrease the convexity of the glass by app. 1 mm on each side of the glass in proportion to the cut in the hinged lid. 

- a commercial brochure and a gadget

this model features an exemplary use of a commercial brochure. The brochure is located in the additional storage space and it multi-creased and arranged heap-style in the spots invisible through the glass. Directly under the dome of the glass, the brochure is single-folded to fix a gadget or a gadget tightly packed e.g. chewing gum or menthol drop. In this way the gadget utilizes the maximum depth of the box up to app. 5,2 mm. After the gadget has been used, the brochure can be removed to expose additional graphic designs printed on the flaps.  The convexity of the glass together with the additional storage space enables safe and multiple use as well as alternate location of commercials, pendants, gadgets or hermetic food products of depth up to 5,2 mm. 
The removal of a brochure or a gadget leads to better visualization of the graphic design on the flaps, which is the case with every box with the transparent glass. This also makes the box more appealing and attractive to the customer.

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