II.1. A box with a lid and matches- technical description - a blank

box with a lid and matches- technical description - a blank

The blank of this model is similar dimensionally to previously made stiff cigarette boxes and is made of similar paper type.

The actual dimensions, according to which the samples were made, are given in the technical drawings.

The innovative elements in the construction of the box, which are incorporated in the folding system of the out shell, are as follows:

- The increase in the dimension of the upper and bottom walls by 2,5 mm
by enlarging the upper and lower walls by app. 2,5 mm the perpendicular shape has been achieved as well as the increase of the depth of the additional storage space. 

- The increase in the dimension of all side walls by 2,5 mm

the increase of the side walls by app. 2,5 mm provides additional storage space enlargement by app. 2,5 to 3 mm while the complete side-walls’ paper overall coverage of the bottom hinged wall is achieved. 

- gluing the side walls underneath the hinged lid

gluing the side walls underneath the hinged lid enables the formation of rounded outer edges, one-sided overprint and appropriate resilience as well as durability of the entire box. Double-layer glue-bonded hinged lid resting on a footing ledge formed of the inside part of the flaps is squeeze-resistant from any direction of force application. In this way, the lid’s edges are identical and adhere thoroughly to the side walls of the box.

- additional 3mm narrow inside side walls

additional 3mm narrow inside side walls provide additional stiffness of the side walls. It also provides rounded edges of the side walls which comply with the double-layer glue-bonded side walls of the lid. For the side wall to remain in the same line with the double-layer side wall of the cap, one must push the opposite edge of the creasing by the paper’s width outwards in the central-back part of the box. 

- gluing underneath the narrow inside side walls (3mm)

solidifies the side wall as well as the whole box. The process is also indispensable for appropriate glue-bonding with the inner part (flaps), which must be glued on their entire length span along the collar onto said inside side wall in a linear manner. 

- additional 15mm narrow wall protracting the outside bottom hinged lid

additional 15mm narrow wall, creased halfway and tucked up underneath the lid, enables smooth insertion of the bottom hinged lid under the upper box cap within the ledge extrusions of the flaps, thus achieving  preliminary closure of the box.



extrusion ridges protracting the hinged wall
the S-shaped extrusion of the protractive wall enables straight lined structure of the front part of the box as well as improves the box’s stiffness.  

- gluing underneath the wall protracting the outside lid

provides one-sided overprint, rounded edges of the upper external edge and indispensable durability.

- rounding off the wall protracting the cap

rounding of the corners of this particular wall is advisable for functionality reasons  

- creasing lines

creasing lines are not straight-lined along  the  length of the box as applied in hitherto existing stiff cigarette boxes. Some of the creases are moved collaterally, as presented in the drawing enclosed, to retain the shape of a perfect cubiod and be able to assemble and glue the box correctly.  

- the cut-out for match striking surface

it is indispensable for the box’s functionality i.e. a user will not be obstructed by any of the walls when striking a match in the direction of the top hinged cap. With said cut-out and the striking surface location a user lights-up a match keeping the box in frontal position, which is important for the prestige of the box and prevents uncontrolled spilling of tobacco loose particles. If striking surface were located in any other place a user would hale to manipulate the box in different directions. The empty space above the striking surface indicates the direction of striking a match. 

- match striking surface

the size and location of the striking surface  has been chosen after much testing for safety, functionality, durability of the striking surface and matches enclosed in the box.  
Such located striking surface can also be printed as a barcode in a variety of colours and forms. 

- assemblage and glue-bonding technique

the above described box requires pre-folding, pre-gluing and stamping during the process of  die stamping. These facilitate later cigarette and gadget packaging process.

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