I.4. A box with a lid, a small convex glass, a gadget and a commercial brochure

The convexity of a small glass by app. 2,5 mm, disclosed in the hereby presented sample model, increases the perception of depth of the box and enlarges the additional storage space. The solution also provides bigger overall dimensions of objects intended for users and better positioning of gadgets during the packing process or when storing them by a customer in daily use. The aggregate depth of the additional storage space reaches app. 5,2 mm and enables not only a commercial brochure inserting but also inserting other objects such as: chewing gum, menthol candies, aromatic objects or other inexpensive gifts such as: trinkets, mini-lighters and other gadgets.  Depending on the customer’s needs or legal conditions, an additional storage space seems inevitable in future.          
The glass convexity, and what follows the entire box bulge, makes the box more appealing. Upon touching the new box the customer can feel that it is something original, a new box with a gadget inside. The rounded shape of the glass together with the box’s design provide unreserved access to the box and easiness of removing it from the pocket without the fear of accidental opening or hooking up.  The box with a small convex glass is extremely appealing to the user and cheap in production, yet requires changes in hitherto existing multipack system, which must be adapted due to box’s increase in depth and irregularity of the box design. The technical description with the production technology will be presented in detail in section TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOX


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