I.3. A box with a lid, a large flat glass, matches and a commercial brochure

The box with a large flat glass improves the transparency of the glass while at the same time significantly displays the additional storage space’ depth. If a commercial brochure is placed behind the glass, the warning notifications remain visible. There is, however, the possibility to remove the notifications when the commercial brochure is torn off the box, which displays the objects within the storage space.    
The given dimensions of the glass enable direct graphics overprint, which in turn facilitates the view of load of the recess to a customer and a direct advertise channeling to a producer. The use of a commercial brochure also offers the following advantages: high PCV glass resistance, improved lid resistance, maintenance of the same standard multipack and transport solution.     
The technical description with the production technology will be presented in detail in TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOX


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