I.2. A box with a lid, a small flat glass, matches and a commercial brochure

The hereby presented box design gains additional features and advantages as opposed to a box with a hinged lid only. The main difference resides in a small, flat PCV glass which is 0,25 mm thick ( the choice of material is wide e.g. polyester or something harder of higher quality or utilize bottom paper foliating). Making use of a glass here is sensible when the company wishes to expose the content of the box. The outside lid with an additional compartment for useful or appealing gadgets enables an insert of above mentioned glass with minimum cost and minimum production expenditures.  
The glass has been designed to combine aesthetically with the overprint placed on the inside wall of the box (flaps) also after the objects have been removed from the additional storage space. The box is characteristic in that, even when the additional storage space is emptied the box still looks attractive, which is important for the cigarette brand. It is also possible to place an overprint on the glass, or as presented in the sample, stick a commercial brochure which would serve the same purpose. The commercial brochure, before being removed, exposes the outer brand name or a logo, and serves the purpose of a tight lock of the additional storage space when a fragrant gadget is placed within, while retaining its main commercial function. The user gains the possibility to remove the commercial brochure while being able to see the gadget within. 
Taking into consideration the growing tendency on the box market to implement transparent glass, the largest possible glass size has been used to utilize maximum breadth of the box. The height of the glass used in this model takes into consideration contemporary EU regulations concerning warnings and notifications. In incorporating the glass in the front hinged lid, a customer is provided with an enhanced box where multi-plane structure of the box is exposed: a commercial overprint and a gadget. The cigarette company gains the possibility to use a glass, which was till now unusable in terms of application, or simply didn’t make sense. This model, following contemporary trends, providers such possibilities to the manufacturer.  Within the storage space, behind the transparent glass, it is possible now to place many attractive, useful and swappable objects, either for a customer or a producer. The implementation of a commercial imprint improves the general image of a box with a glass.     
The model hereby presented retains hitherto existing multipack system and bulk shipment standards. The technical description with the production technology will be presented in detail in TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOX


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