I.1. A box with a lid and matches

The model hereby presented has been produced of cardboard.  Within the additional storage space created in the inside front wall made of cardboard, the box contains a collection of matches. 
The box is aimed at people utilizing matches, absent-minded customers, thrifties, or simply people who always want to have the light at hand, as well as those who just love a smart “light-up” of a cigarette. This model enables an easy cigarette light-up without bothering about constant lighter search or additional separate box-match. The box with a lid and matches allows a comfort of having a cigarette at any place and any time, thus bringing the feeling of safety, as the use of matches is only possible once the outside protective foil is removed.  According to the test results, even after a short period of daily use, a smoker finds it natural that the box contains matches to be easily used at any time.
The unique advantage of the box is an easy, yet optional access to the matches placed exactly in the spot where, according to observations, smokers store their matches or a lighter. The box design is compliant with the contemporary approach to natural environment as the matches are made of cardboard. Also, the capital expenditure invested in the production of the box is miniscule thus making the final customer pleased with the price. The construction of the box has been designed for the bottom lid to be opened in the most convenient way thus enabling easy access when carried in pocket nooks, handbags etc. The placement of the bottom lid in side guide rails and the ledge of the inner wall connected with the flaps hidden under the upper box lid provide additional reinforcement- stiffness of the box. It also provides the user with practically the same traditional form of the box based on a perpendicular shape. The box, being based on said design, is adaptable to mass production of different sizes and cigarette capacity. The construction can also be adapted both to rounded-edge variation and oblique-edge variation. The utilization of the reverse pattern of the sulfur match heads using the breadth of a neighboring match, crosswise positioning within the box and the splinter-off system of match use facilitate unconstrained handling by a user. The matches have been made in 1mm thick and 4,5 mm wide technology while the length of the matches utilizes the width of the box to the maximum so that a customer gains topmost comfort of handling and does not crack a match when striking. Therefore, the length and functionality of hereby presented matches are close to standard type matches. In the production process the matches can easily be made thinner and narrower with no apparent deterioration of their functionality. The matches attached within the extrusion ridge, hidden behind an additionally glued commercial brochure and covered with the hinged lid become an integral part of the cigarette box.  Thus, they maintain safety standards and the rule of continuity of consumption in that the customer does not disturb the structure or place of the rest of the matches when detaching a single match from the row. The arrangement of the matches and the box design combined in one allow maximum space economy otherwise impossible with separate matchbox or a lighter. 
The company which decides to produce the Cigarettes Technology Box gains an advantage of expanding a cheap, newly-created commercial space on the inside of the hinged lid for commercial, one-sided overprint. Thus, the box construction facilitates the possibilities of placing information, commercial or contest overprints on the matches or on the inside wall (flaps), these being perfectly visible to the customer. In case of cigarettes, the logo overprint or a commercial overprint being placed on the inside wall, presents unique advantages i.e. it remains hidden to an unauthorized access from the outside, which makes the box compliant with tightening regulations. It is also possible to place a commercial sticker within the additional space for matches, which would be located on the edges of the footing ledge and fulfill commercial and tightening purposes. Similarly to designs of modern mobile phones, the hinged lid placed over the additional space also serves aesthetic functions while such a produce features additional functions, more space for the user and a unique character. The additional use of paper needed in production process is worth spending taking into consideration additional space for commercial overprints. The system of cigarettes’, gadget or matches’ packing has been simplified and unified. 
The model hereby presented retains hitherto existing multipack system and bulk shipment standards. 
Out of hundreds of samples designed and manufactured within a long period of testing and designing it was fond out, that the hereby presented box is characterized in the following:  a miniscule increase of material consumption connected with the functionality degree, which can be further extended and modified while preserving the shape of the blank, the construction and the assemblage unmodified.
Questions, answers and technical rationale as well as functionality descriptions are presented in detail in section TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOX,   separate for each box variation. 
Section TECHNOLOGY OF THE BOX also presents glue-bonding techniques, material utilized in the sample box manufacturing as well as technical drawings based on actual samples’ dimensions. The collected information is presented on the enclosed CD, technology specification or the following website:  www.mazur-poland.com (DOWNLOAD)


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