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Being restricted by space, defined dimensions and functionality, as well as possible production and distribution costs it was a highly complicated task to design a new cigarette box following a long tradition of utilization of stiff cigarette boxes. However, all said features have been combined into hereby presented modern box. 
The box’s construction, featuring a bottom hinged lid, presents a variety of advantages and possibilities. Only some of them have been hereby presented, leaving majority to Marketing Specialists and qualified engineers, depending only on local traditions and geographical latitude. 
The box has been designed mainly for a young user, but hitherto existing customer was also taken into consideration as the box features useful objects easily accessible from the direction of the front hinged lid. The design also takes into consideration possible needs of the producer by offering a modern overall design with multiple levels and additional space for commercial brochures or other extras. In hereafter presented descriptions of the box, some examples of possible utilization and functionality have been offered together with additional elements, gadgets and their advantages. 

Wojciech Mazur

As the designing and construction period has taken much time, and it was necessary to keep the project secret throughout the patent procedure, the boxes were all handmade in our designing studios.
Therefore, the sample boxes sent over to our customers might be a subject to certain imperfections connected with the handmade technology of production. The dimensions of the blanks and flaps must be adapted to mass production. 

The bundle hereby sent to You 
The prototype of Pat. CIGARETTES TECHNOLOGY BOX includes:

10 boxes with a lid and matches for test purposes
2 boxes with a lid and a small flat glass 
2 boxes with a lid and a large flat glass
2 boxes with a lid and a small convex glass
2 boxes with a lid and a large convex glass
2 boxes with a lid, an assortment without any graphic design
4 blanks of the out shell with graphic design 
4 blanks of the interior, with extrusion ridges and graphic design
4 items of match rows
1 item of the script 
1 Technology specification
1 CD with collected materials


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Patented by Mazur

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